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Beading Cord & Fiber

C-Lon® Cord

Let's Bead sells C-Lon cordC-Lon® Cord is an extra-heavy twisted multi-filament nylon thread which can be used for bead stringing, micro-macramé and bead crochet. Thread diameter is less than 0.5mm. It fits easily one time through Miyuki 11/0 seed beads, and the doubled thread passes easily through Miyuki 8/0s. The breaking strength is 34 lbs.

C-Lon® Fine Cord

Let's Bead sells C-Lon cordC-Lon® Fine Cord is the newest of the C-Lon® cords – sized halfway between Micro C-Lon® and regular C-Lon® Cord. It is made of 3-ply twisted multi-filament thread with a diameter of 0.4mm. C-Lon® Fine Cord has breaking strength of 25 lbs.

C-Lon® Micro Cord

Let's Bead sells fine C-Lon cordC-Lon® Micro Cord is made of bonded, 3-ply twisted multi-filament thread with diameter of 0.12mm. Similar to Nymo E, C-Lon® Micro Cord has breaking strength of 11 lbs. It is ideal for bead crochet with 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads, for loom work, and micro macramé.

C-Lon® Heavy Cord

Let's Bead sells heavy C-Lon cordC-Lon® Heavy Cord is made of .9mm nylon twisted 3-ply multi-filament bead cord for micro-macramé, kumihimo, bead stringing, and bead crochet. Fits through most 4mm beads, size 8/0 seed beads once, and size 6/0 beads twice. The breaking strength is approximately 75 lbs.


Satin Cord

Let's Bead sells Satin Cord & Rattail Satin Cord is great for jewelry, crafts, Kumihimo braiding, macrame, and knotting projects. It is a strong, high-quality cord with a shiny look and soft satin feel. Satin cord is available in three sizes:

  • #1 (size 0) “Bugtail”
  • #2 (size 1) “Mousetail”
  • #3 (size 2) “Rattail”

Ultrasuede® Lacing

Let’s Bead! Ultrasuede® is an ultra-microfiber made of 100% polyester. Ultrasuede® is a vegan alternative to natural suede, and it is resistant to stains and discoloration. It is a woven fabric, but resists pulling or fraying because it is combined with a polyurethane foam in a non-woven structure.


Leather Cord

Let's Bead sells grecian leather cordWe carry high quality leather cord that begins with genuine cowhide and deerskin.  Leather cord is double painted and lacquered for long lasting color that resists rubbing off. It also is available in attractive natural colors with a more matte finish. The drying process allows the leather to continue to breathe, which adds life to both the cord and the paint finish. The result is a smooth, textured leather cord that is pliable, yet strong.

Let’s Bead! carries leather cord in many colors/sizes.

Stretch Magic™ Elastic Cord

Let's Bead sells Stretch Magic elastic cordStretch Magic™ Elastic Cord is a strong, flexible plastic elastic cord, used frequently for “stretchy” bead bracelets, hair bands, and necklaces. The secret is a high-tech polymer that does not crack or become hard over time. Because the ends do not fray, it is easy to string. Secure the ends with a square or surgeon’s knot (add a dot of jewelry glue for added strength) or crimp. Do not use with sharp edged beads.

Let’s Bead! carries Stretch Magic™ in sizes 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1mm

Hand-dyed Silk Strands

Let's Bead sells hand-dyed silk strands

Hand-dyed silk strands and ribbon – from soft pastels to rich jewel tones – are luxuriously beautiful and soft to the touch. The silk ties can be used as hair accessories, to hang pendants, make bracelets, or in other jewelry making projects.

Gossamer Floss

Let's Bead sells gossamer floss

Gossamer Floss is a latex-free elastic that stretches to seven times its original size without losing its memory. It is fine enough to pass through size 11 seed beads and freshwater pearls and will not crack or harden over time.

Chinese Knotting Cord

Chinese Knotting Cord is a round cord made from nylon that is braided, not twisted. It has a core cord running through its center which helps to give the cord its stiffness and maintain its round shape. It has a beautiful grip to it, holds the knots tightly and its ends can be sealed with a flame or thread burner. Perfect for micro macramé, kumihomo and shambala bracelets.

.5mm Fits easily through 11/0 seed beads and twice through 8/0’s; .8mm Fits easily through 8/0 seed beads and twice through 6/0’s; 2mm polyester covered elastic cord used with large-hole beads for stretchy bracelets

Beading Thread

C-Lon® Beading Thread

Let's Bead sells C-Lon Beading ThreadC-Lon® beading thread is a UV-resistant nylon polymer thread similar to Nymo. C-Lon is strong, lightweight and durable. It feels like silk and has the drape and ease of Nymo, but with the durability of Fireline or other monofilament products. It has almost no stretch and can be used for many different purposes including loom warping and weaving, peyote stitch, netting, or any other multi-pass bead stitches. With its glossy finish and rich colors, it will hold up well over time and not break down due to needle or bead abrasion as fast as other threads. C-Lon thread is color-fast. No need to use beeswax or Thread Heaven with C-Lon.

C-Lon® Size D thread (similar to Nymo D) is suitable for use with Delicas, 11/0s, 10/0s, or larger beads. Use with #10 or #12 English beading needles.


Nymo Beading Thread

Let's Bead Sells Nymo Beading ThreadMade of non-twisted filament, Nymo is a .30mm lightly pre-waxed nylon thread. The thread tends to fray if you work the same piece for too long, but it is reasonably strong, and the pre-waxed element of it means that it slides through fabric or beads quite well. It is primarily made for light-weight beads. It can be doubled, but even then, it should not be used with heavier beads.


SoNo Beading Thread

Let's Bead Sells SoNo Beading ThreadSoNo Beading Thread is a cross between Nymo and Silamide. It was designed for beadworkers by master beader Sonoko Nozue. This nylon thread is strong enough that it does not require doubling, and is difficult to pierce because it does not shread. Tangling is minimized because it does not cling. Manufactured in Japan, it is available in 5 colors on 110 yard spools.


K.O. Beading Thread

Let's Bead Sells K.O. Beading ThreadK.O. beading thread is a single-ply, parallel filament nylon thread that is supple, fray-resistant, tangle-resistant, colorfast, very strong, can be knotted tightly, and is preconditioned. It has a flat profile and works beautifully with all off-loom bead weaving stitches and bead embroidery. The fibers of the cut end stay together, making it easy to thread on any size needle. Its smooth, hard surface – which has a slightly shiny finish – makes splitting with the needle point difficult and allows several passes through small hole beads. Like other nylon threads, K.O. can be cut and burned with a thread burner. The size is comparable to Nymo B. Manufactured in Japan, it is available in 18 colors on 55 yard spools.


FireLine® Synthetic Beading Thread

Let's Bead Sells Fireline Synthetic Beading Thread

FireLline® is a synthetic beading thread made of gel-spun polyethylene material that is very strong. Use Fireline in place of Nymo or Silamide for sharp-edged beads. It is excellent for woven projects, either on or off loom and is relatively resistant to abrasion. The short tail of the thread has a tendency to wrap itself around the working end, causing tangling and knotting. Minimize tangling by keeping the tail end as short as possible (less than 2 inches) and using Thread Heaven conditioner. Secure with knots, not crimps. Fireline is available in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 lb. test strength in Crystal and Smoke.



Beautiful, strong and supple, SilverSilk is knitted from wires of 99.9% pure enameled copper that are nearly as thin as a human hair, SilverSilk is lightweight, incredibly durable, can be cut without fraying and is supple to the touch. The permanently enameled non-tarnish copper ensures a long-lasting beautiful finish – joining the strength and beauty of metal with the fabulous feeling of knit. Your designs can be finished easily with SilverSilk’s unique custom findings or with crimp ends, ribbon ends or cord ends.


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