Stringing Materials

Put it all together in so many different ways with our huge selection of craft and precious metal wire, thread, cord, elastic, and fiber! We also carry a large selection of leather – flat, Regaliz, round, braided and leather cord.  Cork is a sustainable, vegan alternative that comes in flat and round shapes.

The stringing material you need depends on your application. Contact us about the best choice for your project and we will guide you to the perfect solution!


Use the chart below to learn about the best options for your project, or click on a product to learn more about it. If you have questions, stop in the store for expert advice from our knowledgeable staff!

Application or Project Stringing Material
Bead stringing encompasses the gamut of stone and crystal sizes, from tiny crystal pearls to heavy gemstone pendants. Choose the appropriate size material to support the beads or stones you are using.
Bead Weaving, Bead Embroidery, Bead Crochet & Bead Stitching all require the use of various types of threads. The thread you use can be a design element that enhances your project, so investigate all the options before beginning your project.
Beading Thread


  • TULIP Beading & Tapestry
  • English Beading & Tapestry
  • Big Eye
Braiding is the craft of making braid from spun thread. Using different techniques, such as Kumihimo, fingerweaving, and knotting you can create different types of braids. Using different stringing materials in your braids makes the possibilities endless!
Cord & Fiber

Beading Needles

You can’t put it all together without needles! We have all kinds:

  • Beading 10, 12,13
  • Big Eye needles
  • Tulip Needles – ideal for beading and bead embroidery because they are flexible and strong, so they’re less prone to bending and breaking. The tip of a Tulip needle is slightly rounded to help avoid splitting thread, and they have an easy-to-thread eye.


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